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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Have You Heard the One About the Abrasive, Obnoxious Jew, the Angry Drunken Mick, the Screwy Whop, and the Colored Boy With the Strong Back?


Well then pack up the kiddies and head on over to the Tricky Dick Presidential Library and Museum!

The New York Times reports the release of more of the 265 hours of recordings of Nixon made while the dope sat on his fat ass in the Oval office.

I make no secret that I think the writers for the Times are superb, but the phrase "added layer of complexity" as used in the article (and included below) does not seem to accurately or appropriately describe Nixon as the ignorant, racist pig that he was.

"While previous recordings have detailed Nixon’s animosity toward Jews, including those who served in his administration like Henry A. Kissinger, his national security adviser, these tapes suggest an added layer of complexity to Nixon’s feeling. He and his aides seem to make a distinction between Israeli Jews, whom Nixon admired, and American Jews."

“The Jews have certain traits,” he said. “The Irish have certain — for example, the Irish can’t drink. What you always have to remember with the Irish is they get mean. Virtually every Irish I’ve known gets mean when he drinks. Particularly the real Irish.”

Nixon continued: “The Italians, of course, those people course don’t have their heads screwed on tight. They are wonderful people, but,” and his voice trailed off.

A moment later, Nixon returned to Jews: “The Jews are just a very aggressive and abrasive and obnoxious personality.”

Added layer of complexity? Really? Not so much.

I would have written something like, " ...these tapes prove Nixon was an ignorant, racist pig."

What? Too direct?

Anyhoo, you didn't think Dick's rants would ever exclude the coloreds, did you?

The article continues:

"At another point, in a long and wandering conversation with Rose Mary Woods, his personal secretary, that veered from whom to invite to a state dinner to whether Ms. Woods should get her hair done, Nixon offered sharp skepticism at the views of William P. Rogers, his secretary of state, about the future of black Africans.

“Bill Rogers has got — to his credit it’s a decent feeling — but somewhat sort of a blind spot on the black thing because he’s been in New York,” Nixon said. “He says well, ‘They are coming along, and that after all they are going to strengthen our country in the end because they are strong physically and some of them are smart.’ So forth and so on.

“My own view is I think he’s right if you’re talking in terms of 500 years,” he said. “I think it’s wrong if you’re talking in terms of 50 years. What has to happen is they have be, frankly, inbred. And, you just, that’s the only thing that’s going to do it, Rose.”

I guess Sammy was "inbred?" (WTF does that mean?)

Doesn't Dick look uncomfortable, like Sammy might be contagious?

NB: I guess my Irish drinking buddy isn't "real" Irish after all, because the only time she got mad at me she was sober as a judge. And hey - nothing about the 'Ricans and the Mexicans ??? Guess that will be released in later tapes.