Monday, July 13, 2009

Yale, Harvard and a Crushing Sense of Underachievement

Marc Drier got 20 years, and went down on his knees, groveling. You have to admit, that's a little pathetic from a guy who ran a massive fraud, and enjoyed a lavish lifestyle as a result, including a huge yacht, a beach front house in the Hamptons, and a $207,043.29 Aston Martin DB-9 convertible. I mean, take your lumps like a man, dude.

"All of this left me feeling overwhelmed - by my debt, by a disappointing career, by a failed marriage. And so, incomprehensibly, in 2002 I started stealing,” Dreier said. "I stumbled upon the brazen idea of arranging fictitious loans from hedge funds, ostensibly to my principal client - the real estate developer referenced in the indictment - and diverting the loan proceeds to myself.”

What, is he freaking Robin Hood? He steals from the rich, evil hedge fund and developer types, and gives to... Marc Drier? Is that what he paid his "defense attorney" a million dollars, to come up with ? When will these defendants learn that if they want a real defense and a successful defense attorney , they need to come to Miami and hire that stud across town?

NB: Do Yale and Harvard revoke his degrees?

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