Friday, February 4, 2011

Kuehne and Pizzi

You know, you spend a few weeks at the bottom of a scotch bottle, and you miss a lot around here.

Ben and Mike are co-counsel to Miami Voice, the political action committee that is leading the effort to oust Miami-Dade County Commissioner Natacha Seijas?

(Natacha has fought back, asking a circuit judge to block her March 15 recall election, arguing that if the supposedly flawed recall petitions are excluded, not enough valid voter signatures were delivered to the Clerk of Courts to justify a recall election.)

Anyhoo, what a team, Ben and Mikey! Good cop/ bad cop, for sure! Check out the quotes from the Herald article!

The ``court must make every effort to validate the citizens' will,'' asserted Miami Voice, represented by attorney Ben Kuehne. ``Especially in view of the exacting standards for enjoining an election, this court should be confident, as should any responsible elected official, that the people can best be trusted to choose their political and governmental leaders despite the efforts of entrenched politicians to subvert the will of the voters.''

That Ben Kuehne, he's something else isn't he?

Then Mikey announced his presence with authority, stating that Natacha's ``claims are based on absurd technicalities. It is total nonsense.''

Ah, the old "absurd technicalities" defense.

But Mikey is not done. In response to legal positions taken by Natacha's camp, Mike says ``It's despicable they made an allegation they knew they couldn't back up,'' Pizzi said.

Watch the video of Natacha's aborted deposition on the Herald website - Natacha looks like a deer in headlights.


N.B.: Speaking of a numbers game, on this matter do you think Pizzi is billing out for his standard rate of $500 or his reduced rate of $80?

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