Thursday, May 26, 2011

Governor Scott Busts Out His Red Pen, Or

"You Voted For Him Dumbass, Don't Blame Me."

Scott's Job Creation platform during the campaign?

He eliminated 4,500 state worker jobs.


State workers pay 3% of their salary to fund their retirement.


Tens of millions stripped from the education system, eliminating school construction and teachers.

(He asked for greater cuts for K-12, but failed.)


  1. My son who graduated with a Master's degree in Education here in Florida can't even get a job as a teacher. After five years of trying, and only a few interviews that were a joke he is giving up. Too bad for Florida, for it's losing a brilliant mind.
    Scott is worthless as a governor, and doing irreparable harm to this state.

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  4. He has a lot more to prove to his people.

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