Thursday, August 27, 2009

All Drew Barrymore, All The Time

He rekindled my fixation. Not that I needed much help.

Have you heard? Drew's directorial debut is about to open. She's going to be the next Clint Eastwood. Or Ron Howard. I guarantee it. (Why do I always think of the Widom brothers when I see that commercial?)

Anyhoo, here is a clip.

I hope this movie does real well. It strikes me as the next generation of Breakfast Club/St. Elmo's Fire-type movies. Only smarter and edgier. Because after all, Drew is directing.

Thankfully, she dumped Justin Long, whoever that is. Come on. Justin? Long? What, are you a wanna-be porn star? Or just a pretty boy ? Either way, you're not worthy.

NB: Drew, I'll be in Vegas the week after next. Find me. I'm the guy from Miami.


  1. Given her dating history, I think you have a pretty good shot.

  2. She looks a little like Susan Sarandon in that picture.