Sunday, August 23, 2009

With Liberty And Justice For All

Bad Things Happen When Your Government Pays Off Bad People To Offer Bought Testimony.

As Southies everywhere would say, "You think I'm makin' this shit up!?!?"

Then read this.

"A former Secret Service informant who ran an operation called "Get Rich or Die Tryin" reportedly complained to associates of having to manually count $US340,000 in stolen $20 bills when his counting machine broke.

Albert Gonzalez, 28, is accused of masterminding the largest credit-card data thefts in history - where more than 130 million debit and credit card numbers were stolen from supermarket chains and retail outlets.

Court documents show that he lived a lavish lifestyle, drove a BMW and threw $US75,000 birthday parties.

Gonzalez, already in jail for other credit-card fraud offences, was indicted this week, with two unnamed Russian conspirators, over what federal prosecutors say is the largest case of identity theft yet."

I told you we never should have trusted the Russians. Damn liberal Democrats.

Can you imagine? Playing both sides of the fence? At that level? That young man has some balls. Sure, he may come out of the hoosegow in 10 years with a vagina where his anus used to be, but heck he drove a 500 Series BMW before he turned 25. That's something, right?

Law enforcement agents paid him handsomely to carry on, right under their noses. Sad part is, many people were investigated, arrested, charged or convicted, based on his deception. I mean, I'm just an M & A guy but am I missing something, or was he influenced to lie and offer false testimony against people, based on his desire to profit from his venality and greed, and to not be prosecuted?

NB - If anyone wants to throw a $75,000 party for my 45th birthday, please contact me off line. There are deals to be had in Vegas.

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