Wednesday, October 28, 2009

New Music Wednesday

I searched all day today for a newsworthy topic about which to post, that had not already been covered. Cause I sure didn't feel like working. I came up with nothing. Nadia Comaneci.

As an aside, that's Nadia below, apparently tapping her inner Cougar. Although, come on...she can do better. The goober licking his lips is totally not worthy. What's up with that lime-green tie and double-breasted blazer? What is he Belgian? French? Is there a difference? Is he like, 5'5"? With thinning hair? I bet his name is "Tim." She's AN OLYMPIC GYMNAST, for crying out loud. Where is the bad boy? A Mexican? An Italian? At least a UPS driver.

You may recall Nadia from her compulsory routine in the 1976 Olympics in Montreal on the uneven parallel bars, that earned her the first perfect 10. Ever awarded to any male or female gymnast. In the Olympics. Ever. Here it is. And in case you don't remember, she earned 6 more perfect 10 scores during those Olympics.

Anyhoo, having found nothing interesting about which to post, and my posts otherwise not being worth a crap, I started to feel worthless, meaningless and talentless.

So I figured I'd just post some music you'd otherwise never hear. The video reminds me of early MTV/John Mellencamp/Jack and Diane, with a touch of Euro trash "look at our great architecture" bullshit. Only this dude is Italian. So there are TWO women he apparently loves. And he ignores them both. And walks in the rain. At night. Which I guess is very cool. Or at least very cold.

But I think the song is great.

N.B.: I'd like to see more of Nadia.


  1. Maybe. Looks like it...


  2. Nicely done. Is that really Nadia? That dude with her must be like 4 feet tall, or David Spade.

  3. That is her husband, US gymnast Bart Conner